One stop shop
on South Lamar

Kitchen: 8:00am - 2:00pm every day

We've test spent a LOT of time in coffee shops, and honestly, we got tired of bagels and yogurt. So we built a menu that Austin can dig into.

From the colorful quinoa bowl to the luscious biscuits and gravy, we've got enough variety to satisfy every craving, seven days a week.

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The Inspiration
The Patika Kitchen was born in 2017. With an acclaimed culinary team, a gang of hungry Patikans, and approximately one thousand tastings, we developed the menu of our dreams.

Coming to brunch?
Here are a few things to know.

No. 1

On weekends, the majority of our seating will be reserved for our brunch patrons.

No. 2

No reservations needed; tables are first come, first served. Check with our host and order through the QR code at your table!

No. 3

Wifi is turned off during brunch, so you can focus on relaxation and connection.