(like “Attica”...with a “P")

We get asked what “Patika” means a lot.

We took it from the Turkish, for "footpath" (or alley).

The first coffee houses in the world were in Istanbul, and their popularity as gathering places got them outlawed for fear of too much free thought and resistance to the sultan. To survive, they relocated to spots a bit more hidden: in the alleys and footpaths of the city.

We found our cozy nook on South Lamar, reviving a 1940's building with the help of designer Gerardo Ayala (Ayala Design) and architect Elizabeth Baird, to preserve the original Arkansas flagstone walls, imbuing a mid-century soul.

Although coffee was our first love, today we are a full-stop breakfast, lunch, and brunch cafe. South Austin locals love us for our stellar specialty coffee, out-of-this-world pastries, and friendly staff.